Who will benefit?

Who will benefit from these courses?

Anyone who desires the unique sensation of weightlessness and the accompanying exhilarating freedom of motion will find IVA 300, our hands-on introductory course, of great value and enjoyment. We welcome design engineers, mission planners, experimenters, scientists, students, educators, artists, and and all space enthusiasts. Specifically, anyone who designs crew stations, and working and living areas, or who plans orbital crew activities will directly benefit from this experience. For those involved in the design and use of IVA systems, the IVA 301 course will provide vital career-enhancing insights. In addition, though the constraints of space suits themselves will not be provided in this, our first course, extravehicular activity (EVA) specialists will also gain key understanding in the problems of maneuvering and task performance in weightlessness. Our extensive knowledge and course discussion of Russian crew hardware will benefit those who contemplate working on future joint programs.

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