Physiology Issues

Will I get sick?

Like space adaptation syndrome (spacesickness), it is difficult to predict who will experience discomfort in our brief weightless experiences. However, for the short flight duration and limited number of parabolas provided in this course, most people will not be so inconvenienced. Typical symptoms for those few who do get ill are nausea and slight headache, and in the extreme, vomiting, for which airsickness bags are provided. Many find the high-gravity pull up to be more unsettling than the euphoria of weightlessness itself, and we offer advice and techniques to minimize any unpleasant sensations. In addition, for those who are concerned or know themselves to be prone to motion sickness in general (airsickness, seasickness, etc.) we can provide pre-flight and in-flight prescription medication which, based on NASA experience, is highly effective in helping to enjoy the weightless experience.

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