Registration Information

So, how do I sign up?

Fill out the registration form or a copy, obtainable by calling us at (307) 739-1296. Send it to Interglobal with a check or credit card authorization for ten percent of the fee. You will be notified as to class schedule availability and offered a choice of dates. Prior to flight, we require medical certification in the form of a Class III FAA medical examination, or equivalent, within the past twelve months. If you desire, we will provide such a physical by our staff flight surgeon on site in Boise, at a fee of $200. Those failing the physical will be refunded the course fees, including deposit, unless the failure occurs after arrival in Boise, in which case the deposit will be retained as well unless a substitute student can be found for the class. You will be provided with a waiver of liability form, which must also be signed prior to boarding the aircraft, and preferably, prior to arriving in Boise. Please feel free to call us at (307) 739-1296 to provide assistance in the registration process or to answer any other questions that you may have.

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