Course Price Information

How much does it cost?

Our course offerings are surprisingly affordable, when you consider that many engineering professional development courses can cost over a thousand dollars for two or three days of lecture with no lab opportunities or hands-on experience. The fees for the total training packages are $1950.00 for IVA 300 and $2950.00 for IVA 301. This price does not include transportation to and from Boise, or your meals and lodging expenses, which are quite reasonable in Boise. We require a ten percent non-refundable deposit with course registration, with an additional forty percent provided upon acceptance at least four weeks prior to the scheduled course. The balance is due on arrival in class on the first day. This includes lectures, ground school, flight training, and all course materials, including personal videos and mission patches. Interglobal flight suits are provided for the flight, and may be purchased with numbered mission patch attached for an additional fee, should the student desire to take one home. We accept most major credit cards.

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